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Here's how we work

1.  Discovery Meeting

During this no obligation meeting, we will discuss what is most important to you, and gain clarity around your personal and financial goals.  From here, we can outline how we can assist.

2.  Strategy Development

We have clarified your current position and where you want to be, so we can now design a strategy to bridge the gap.  During this process, we create a draft strategy to outline how we can assist in acheiving your aspirations.

3.  Your Personal Plan

Preparation and ongoing refinement of your personal plan.  We will present our comprehensive advice to you in the form of a Statement of Advice (SOA) document for your final approval.

4.  Implementing Your Plan

This step involves the application component of starting your program.  We don't leave it to you to implement, we do all the hard work for you.  We co-ordinate the process with you and other professionals while keeping you up to date to ensure your financial plan has been arranged according to the agreed advice.

5.  Ongoing Service & Reviews

If there's one certainty in life, it's that it is constantly changing.  Your personal plan is not a set and forget, so together we need to evaluate your progress and direction.  To keep you on track, we have tailored ongoing service and review offerings.