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Leading local expertise.

Taking the worry out of tax time

At the Horizon Accounting Group we work hard at putting you or your business in the best possible taxation position. We spend a lot of time worrying about your after-tax result so that you don't have to.

Our dedicated team of Toowoomba accountants and tax agents seek out the tax laws, rulings and practice directions that impact your particular situation so you can rest assured that we understand your business or personal situation and we are working hard to ensure you keep as much of your hard earned income in your pocket as possible.

With the Horizon Accounting Group in your corner your current and future tax worries are taken care of.

Tax Compliance and Returns

Meeting your tax obligations is a fact of life for businesses and individuals. The team at Horizon Accounting Group minimise the stress of dealing with your tax affairs by ensuring tax payable is minimised while still complying with the complex maze of tax laws.

In addition to providing one of Toowoomba's leading tax return services we advise on:

  • the appropriate choice of business structure
  • taxation planning prior to 30 June each year
  • the use of taxation deferral and rollover concessions to minimise income and capital gains tax
  • complex tax issues, including liaising with external experts where necessary

Horizon Accounting can assist you with:

  • Preparation of financial statements for reporting and non-reporting entities
  • Preparation of financial statements for finance applications, business sales and any regulatory bodies
  • Preparation of interim financial statements to provide advice in relation to the projected taxation position of your business.

Strategic Taxation Advice

Horizon Accounting Group provides more than an annual tax service. We work year round with our business and individual clients to find tax related business and financial strategies that work for them.

Sound, strategic taxation advice can make all the difference in the longterm financial health of your business. If your accountant isn't working with you to provide a long term taxation strategy, you need to talk to the team at Horizon Accounting Group.

As well as developing long-term tax strategies our team of Toowoomba accountants provide significant value to businesses and indivduals in specific transactions and day to day operations.

We develop relationships with our clients that puts us in the forefront of their mind when making critical business decisions. If you're facing a tax issue as an individual or business talk to Horizon to help make the right choices.