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Top 5 Most Outrageous Claims Denied!

Tuesday 8 October 2019

Horizon takes a realistic approach to the expenses claimed in tax returns so you won’t find any of our clients in this list but the ATO has published some of the most unusual claims that they disallowed last financial year.

They’ve even gone so far as list their Top 5 Most Outrageous Claims.  These include:

1.     Lego sets. 

One taxpayer claimed the cost of their children’s lego kits purchased throughout the year. 

2.     Private Vehicles. 

Many taxpayers tried to claim the purchase of a brand new car.  These were all disallowed as purchasing a private vehicle is not an allowable deduction.

3.     Cost of raising children

One taxplayer made a claim for “the cost of raising twins”, while another claimed for the “cost of raising three children”.  One even simply stated  “New born baby expensive” when making their claim.

4.     A nice smile. 

Some taxpayers considered that a nice smile was essential to securing a good job and so should be tax deductible.  The ATO disagreed.

5.     A wedding. 

Perhaps the most optimistic of all the unusual claims was the taxpayer who decided to try to claim the full cost of their wedding reception.  Not surprisingly, the ATO denied the claim in full.


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